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Measuring 24kV Siemens safety cables

Commissioned by Visser Smit Hanab the Electro measurement service performed various measurements and tests on the new wind farm in Delfzijl.


Visser Smit Hanab received the order to build a new wind farm in the North of Delfzijl.

Before the windmills can be used, various quality measurements are to be made at all cables. Protection relays also have to be set in accordance with a protocol. The measurement service from Inspectation has been commissioned by Visser Smit Hanab to conduct these cable measurements and to adjust the safety relays.


The first part of this mission was under a lot of pressure because the delivery date was tightly scheduled. The preparation time was short. However, this did not restrain our surveyors from conducting the measurements correctly and deliver the measurement reports in time.


In the course of 2015 more wind turbines will be built. The cable measurements and safety relays ensure a safe functioning of the wind turbines.

The following objects in Delfzijl have been measured and tested by order of the client:

  • 24 kV security
  • Testing of cables, Enexis > Eneco and from Eneco > Wind turbine
  • Setting up of Siemens securities
  • Measurements have been performed according to the NEN-HD 620 S2:2012 standard
  • Measurement means used: DET3TC, PHG 80, power source PCITS2000/2

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