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High-water channel Veessen - Wapenveld groundwater and surface water measurements

The real-time monitoring of groundwater and surface water levels for Combination IJsselweide

Room for the river

By improving the flow of the river the risk of flooding becomes smaller. The river IJssel needs more space at high tide in order to handle the excess water. Using the area between Veessen and Wapenveld is a possibility. Between the villages Veessen and Wapenveld a flood channel is created by the construction of two new dykes. The land between the dykes is agricultural area. In case of extreme high-water, this area can drain off some of the water from the river IJssel.



The construction of the High-water channel Veessen – Wapenveld is done by Combination IJsselweide under the authority of the District Water Board Vallei and Veluwe. Combination IJsselweide is a partnership between Boskalis and Van Hattum and Blankevoort.


From 1 May 2014 Combination IJsselweide has taken over the water level management from the water board. Through real-time monitoring of monitoring pipes Combination IJsselweide constantly monitors the groundwater and surface water levels in the area. For this purpose Combination IJsselweide uses FlexMonitoring.


To gain up-to-date insight into groundwater and surface water levels monitoring pipes in the project area have been equipped with a pressure sensor coupled to a FlexMonitoring data logger. The data loggers are powered by a solar panel. Through a web application from FlexMonitoring the measured water levels are accessible 24/7.


By now, 25 locations have been equipped with FlexMonitoring data loggers with solar panel. In the second quarter of 2015, another eight locations will receive FlexMonitoring data loggers.

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