Train measurement systems

Sherloc, the measurement train of Inspectation delivers a clear, accurate and up-to-date picture of the quality of switches and railway tracks. With smart software, analysts can preview potential problems in time. This increases the security, availability and sustainability of the railway network.


Sherloc is equipped with sophisticated systems to perform measurements and inspections. The precision laser system (Track & Turnout Measurement System) offers a highly accurate picture of the size of railway tracks and switches. The train meets with European NEN-standards for measurement trains and carries a ProRail certificate. It is the first certified instrument for measuring railway switches. Besides the laser system the measurement train also includes a video inspection system that takes a HD-photo of the track every half meter. Thanks to an accurate GPS system we know exactly where to find each piece of railway track or switch element that is photographed and measured. This way the condition of the rail network is determined precisely and efficiently. And you have access to all the necessary information about any element in the track you want to know more about.


For storage and analysis of the measurement data, coupled rail network models are used. In addition, a digital list of switches and crossings is available. In the application it is possible to define the construction type of every single railway switch as well as what set of standards is applicable. The system combines the measurement data with the switches. By doing so, it is always clear which construction and what standards apply. If meanwhile a switch construction has been changed, this will immediately appear from the analysis. In addition you will get an overview of the most appropriate structure types.


A powerful reporting tool combines the complex measurement data with smart algorithms to insightful customized reports. For example, you’ll be able to see at a glance which switches are vulnerable to exceeding.


It is possible to define KPI’s prior to a measurement on both rail switch and track level. For example, for a specific piece of track (as from 100 meters), a geocode, tonnage, a track number, a switch classification, a train path, et cetera. From these definitions reports are generated with exactly the quality figures you are looking for, and which show you exactly whether rail track or switches comply with the relevant KPI’s.