Real-time Monitoring

Better performance with fewer malfunctions and faster repair. This is possible thanks to a continuous stream of measurement data in real-time. With FlexMonitoring from Inspectation you can continuously monitor the condition of infrastructure assets, efficiently plan maintenance operations and reduce the number of malfunctions. FlexMonitoring is the ideal way to optimize the availability and reliability of infrastructure assets.


Unexpected malfunctions cause unwanted downtime. You can avoid this by building up a thorough knowledge of your infrastructure. That knowledge is gathered with the help of FlexMonitoring. This online condition monitoring system from Inspectation is suitable for all kinds of infrastructure and has its origins in railway tracks. Through various sensors and specially designed data acquisition systems FlexMonitoring continuously collects data in the field. For example, in the railway infrastructure where data with regard to switches, control, circulation, final position and section occupation are recorded. Besides data about switches FlexMonitoring also collects data about level crossings, sections, axle counters and energy supply. This provides valuable knowledge about the behavior of the railway track. This insight leads to more effective maintenance and better performance of rail infrastructure.


The great strength of FlexMonitoring is translating raw data into information that can help bring back the number of malfunctions, shorten repair time and save costs on your maintenance. Smart software compares all data according to predefined scenarios and preset parameters. Once an abnormality occurs that can lead to malfunctions, the fault-clearing service receives a notification. In many cases, malfunctions can be prevented at this stage. Repair work can take place at a favorable time, so that availability is not compromised and the mechanic can work safely. Moreover, something is only repaired or replaced when necessary. This saves costs and raw materials.


FlexMonitoring gives you control over your infrastructure objects. The system reduces the chance that you are surprised by sudden abnormalities or emergency repairs. By measuring continuously, you know exactly what effect certain actions have on your installation. With that accumulated knowledge, you are able to predict system behavior, (frictional) wear and abnormalities. You get a better insight in the life expectancy. This, in return, helps with planning maintenance, but also with taking decisions about replacements or life extension.