Digital inspection

FlexInspect is a smart solution for efficient inspection, surveying and testing. A versatile mobile platform in which findings can easily be digitally registered, reported and analyzed. FlexInspect gives you instant insight into your objects and operations.


With FlexInspect you can organize inspection processes quickly and efficiently according to your requirements. For example, you can opt for an independent, self-contained system or for integration with existing systems. Its flexible employability makes FlexInspect suitable for almost all types of inspections in various industries. Whether it comes to checking plants, understanding your objects and processes, or monitoring compliance. FlexInspect delivers ease and speed, and is therefore a large saving on your inspection and maintenance costs.


As an administrator you have access to a web-based portal where you can define the inspection forms. Furthermore, you determine which assets and inspectors may apply. The planner has the possibility to make use of inspection work orders so that inspectors conduct goal-oriented inspections.


Inspectors use a smartphone or tablet to perform the inspections on location. The app is designed for Android and Windows platforms where all screen sizes are possible. The app has the ability to take, edit and add pictures to the inspection. In addition, a geographical feature (GIS) can be used so that inspections are automatically linked to a GPS XY-coordinate.


It is also possible to select objects and inspections from a map. At FlexInspect the inspection data are encrypted and stored on the mobile device and then synchronized with a central database. By doing so, a continuous internet connection is not necessary.

Analyze and repair

In the portal you can refer to the conveniently arranged inspection results, organize tasks, draw up (management) reports and perform trend analyses. With analysis smart connections can be made to give a clear insight into the condition of the inspected assets.


You can define custom-made reports, display screens and graphs according to your needs and demands. It doesn’t take much to get going with FlexInspect. It is possible to link the FlexInspect database to your asset management system for synchronization of objects and inspection results. From completed inspections work orders arise automatically for further follow-up.


Accessible portal

In the portal you can instantly examine the results of inspections. You have the ability to examine and retrieve reports.


In the portal you can also create and customize your inspection forms.


User-friendly inspection app

FlexInspect is user-friendly. Inspection data can be entered directly in the field. Does your network have no coverage? No problem, the inspections are stored on the device. In the FlexInspect app there are several user-friendly input possibilities. Besides the usual text and choice fields the app offers date selection fields, sliders and a toggle field.


Completely paperless process


The inspector doesn’t need inspection forms on paper anymore. The process is completely paperless from inspection work order to inspection to follow-up of the findings.


Integrated GIS functionalities


Through the integrated Esri ArcGIS functionalities the inspector outside can select objects from a map. He is also able to see what the previous inspection has revealed. Thanks to the GIS functionality co-workers who take care of the follow-up can see on the map where inspections have been conducted or where abnormalities have been detected.

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