A reliable energy supply is essential. The measurement service Electro from Inspectation helps guarantee the quality of your network. So you can aim for high capacity and availability.


If malfunction occurs, you want to repair it immediately and effectively. The measurement service Electro from Inspectation is quickly on the scene to locate flaws. Our fault-clearing service is available for you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our all-round measurement specialists contribute all their expertise and experience to think along with you. They advise you on the best solution. They report data digitally via a secure Internet connection so that you keep a clear insight in the technical condition of your energy supplies.


You would of course prefer to avoid all malfunctions. Inspectation therefore supports you with preventive maintenance. The measurement service Electro carries out various quality measurements and performs trend analyses that give insight into the condition, life expectancy of and sensitivity to malfunctions in your network. We can also determine the quality of power. Our quality measurements help prevent malfunctions, reduce CO2 emissions and reduce costs . If desired, you can take out a contract for periodic inspection.


Besides locating flaws and measuring quality, Inspectation can also activate substations and distribution units, trace and identify cables and test (press) new and modified connections . This is done not only in The Netherlands but also abroad and offshore.