Reliable infrastructure is essential. With visual inspection, non-destructive research (NDO) and rail geometrical measurements our measurement service Civil helps you to obtain relevant measurement data about your infra-assets.

Metingen Civiel Spoor


Our 24-hour economy makes high demands on the rail capacity. In order to meet those demands, you must be kept up to date about the condition of the railway tracks continuously. Visual inspections provide, among other things, information about the condition of rails , switches and welded joints. Because of their profound knowledge of infrastructure and measurement techniques our civil engineers are able to perform an in-depth cause analysis in a very short time. They record their findings using a tablet or smartphone so that relevant background information and historical data are instantly retrievable. The inspection results are archived centrally and are immediately available in your organization.


With relative and absolute track geometry measurements the measurement service Civil maps abnormalities in the position of railway tracks. Both the horizontal and the vertical track position is geometrically described by uprights, gradients, curves, transition curves and turn-out tracks (switches). The (frictional) wear of, for example, frogs and rail heads is also being measured.


Fast , faultless and demonstrable repair of malfunctions is possible by use of non- destructive testing methods. Ultrasonic and Foucault current testing reveal defects in rail infrastructure, metal structures, welded joints and bridge constructions. This applies to both defects on the surface and invisible material defects.